The Awakening : Morning Nature Walk

As morning light breaks the trees and the villages awakens to the sight. Morning is the best time to walk through the Beach, Village and Villager gardens. Discover the treasure of ancient Balinese Culture and Nature. Explore and immersing yourself in local situation while on long walks on the pathway surrounding in and around the Villa and Resort.

The Walk starts from the lobby every morning , at 08.00 for about 60 minutes and is Complementary

Attire : Regular day wear with comfortable shoes or flip plop.

To avoid disappointment, please make reservation for all activities with our activities Desk on ext.25 at least 24 hrs in advance

This Program dedicated for Candi Beach Villa and Resort inhouse Guests.





Start walking from lobby area

08.00am – 08.15am

Walking around beach area

08.15am – 08.30am

See temple and banyan tree at mendira

08.30am – 08.35am

See the balai banjar at mendira

08.45am – 08.50 am

Walking around village garden

08.50am – 09.00am

Arrive at Candi Beach Hotel Lobby


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IDR 0 /for child