03 Point Snorkeling Nusa Penida

Posibility to come face-to-face with the gentle giants residing off the Nusa Penida. Choose to snorkel and watch how the massive manta rays, weighing up to 3,000 pounds (1,360 kg), gracefully swim around , and immersing the great day with the manta.

45 Minute on the boat to go to Nusa Penida island and jump to the small boat to manta point and immersing your body , swim with manta, and enjoying the beauty and the natural coral of nusa penida.

As a major claim to fame, this site is the stunning location for the regular gathering of adult manta rays, sea turtles and nurse sharks. Situated on the exposed southern side of the island, favorable sea conditions will make this one of most exhilarating snorkeling/diving encounters you could ever hope to experience.

We will Snorkeling at 3 Different location around three Angel Nusa Penida Islands 

  1. Manta Bay Snorkeling Point
  2. Gamat Bay Snorkeling Point
  3. Wall Snorkeling  Point


Given the proper sea conditions, Manta Point can be enjoyed by all levels of divers, including snorkelers who can watch giant devilfish coast gracefully below them. It can get very rough and dangerous here, so if your guide says it can't be done,don't argue! During certain times of years,groups of manta rays gather at the reef area surrounding this large rock to visit the cleaning stations, mate, eat and do all those thing manta rays do , like feed floating into the current with their immense open mouths.


Gamat Bay snorkeling Point

Wall Bay Snorkeling Point


  • Free Return Transfer by air-conditioned car
  • Speed boat, Return Nusa Penida
  • Speed Boat for Snorkeling 
  • Snorkels, Goggles, Fins, Life Vest
  • Go Pro Picture / Video  File under Water 
  • 3 spot snorkeling Tour to nusa penida ( Manta, Gamat , Wall ) 
  • Balinese Set Lunch and Fresh Young Coconut
  • Shower room, Toilet,
  • Towel 
  • English Speaking Guide 
  • All admission
  • Insurance.


  • Posibility to see  up-close encounter with gentle, elegant manta rays
  • Rileks on the white sand beaches
  • Snorkeling at the amazing view of Coral  and Fish 
  • Good and Expert Local Guide
  • Local Knowlege from the guide 

7:30 AM Pick up at your hotel (exact time may vary depending on your location)

8:00 AM Arrive at Sanur Port and take a speed boat to Nusa Penida

9:00 AM Arrive in Nusa Penida and start your tour

9:20 AM Snorkeling at Manta, Gamat, MG & Wall Bay

13:00 PM Lunch Time!

14.00 PM Beach time, Relaxing, Beach walk , swiming

15.30 PM Take a speed boat to port

16:30 PM Arrive at bali port and travel back to your hotel

  • Children 2 and younger are complimentary.
  • Manta is wild animal, we could respect them and keep them in Nature .
  • manta is wild animal and we are not 100% guarantee will see them but we make sure you are coming on the places where is manta usually come.
  • There are no age restrictions, but this activity is not recommended for children 3 and younger.
  • You do not need previous diving or snorkeling experience.
  • Children: 04-11 Years Old



Cash can be paid in US dollar / Indonesian rupiah / Japanese yen. The exchange rate from US dollar will use the current day's rate.


Credit card will be settled in Indonesian Rupiah, payment method will be batch only. The exchange rate from US dollar will use the current day's rate. Available cards are VISA, JCB, Master Card, American Express.



What To Bring ??



Please do not forget to bring sunscreen because Lembongan is very strong sunlight. The amount of ultraviolet rays is several times that of Japan. Please bring a hat and sunglasses


imageWearing clothes that you can get wet 

It gets wet when getting on and off a speed boat, so light clothing such as short pants and skirts is recommended. Please come over again with good footwear. Beach sandals are recommended.


imageSwimwear , changing clothes, and Hats

Please participate in the top tour wearing swimsuit in advance. There is also space to change again, so there is no problem even if you bring clothes. We recommend clothes that allow you to wear clothes after changing clothes.



imageWaterproof camera

Waterproof camera is essential if you want to take a picture of snorkeling. Since it will not get wet except at the time of snorkeling it is okay with a normal camera.


Small amount of rupiah

Water and lunch are included in the tour, but other drinks and food are charged, so it is convenient if there is a small rupiah. Example) Bintang Beer Rp.40,000 – 60.000 (Tax / Supplementary)



Foto Gallery

IDR 1,910,000

IDR 1,356,000 /for child