Office staff & guide

Sasuke Shinozawa

Affiliation Office staff & guide
Nickname Sasuke Don
Blood type A type
Graduate Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Bali Club history April 2014 -
Favorite phrase Do you drink juice?
Hobby Drive on a motorcycle

What kind of person?

Smart staff to master the four language

Born in Japan and raised in Bali, Japanese, English, Indonesian, mastering the Balinese, is a valuable human resources can become a bridge of a lot of culture.Appearance is a smart impression, the personality more than anything you have a manly awkwardness to cherish the friendship. Customers, of course sincerity that is trusted from the partners to work together is his biggest advantage.

Word & motto

The Bali there are many attractive, there is a lot to enjoy. 
Nature of Bali, is the best I could guide culture, the journey to experience the religious views.

Sasuke Shinozawa