Representative and coordinator

Keigo Ojima

Affiliation Representative and coordinator
Nickname Uncle
Blood type Headlong a Pegasus B type
Graduate Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Bali Club history Bali Club was launched in 2007!
Favorite phrase They who do if Ne do. Possible time to be done now!
Hobby Genuine Find a journey? Kayak

What kind of person?

Elementary school summer vacation

Life for Ojima-san is! And he summer vacation does not write only it also is said to write the elementary school is !! testimonials forever. . . . Does not mean you are also playing dare say that summer vacation If you write, we are working to seriously independent research. Since the pupil and feverish talk of shining is incite the people of curiosity, you do not cut off the later people that I would be attracted to like. Ojima's is still amazing. . . It might be!?

Word & motto

■ at Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture 1974 birth 
go a fishing rod alone bicycle in ■ boyhood good rain to the reservoir pond in one hand, mainly eyeing had 
from ■ adolescence who had a lot of tropical fish in the aquarium environment? Feel a longing to the south of the island 
work started a dream come true in the local travel company of Malaysia Langkawi Island ■ 20-year-old 
launched the Langkawi club in the 23-year-old ■ further bulge dream 
Bali moved to Bali club established in ■ 33-year-old

Keigo Ojima