Baby Turtle Release

An emotional day for our organization and for our clients who doing the Program in Nusa Penida. We realese the Baby Turtle to the ocean to increasing number of turtle population in Nusa Penida.

The release of baby turtle hatchlings to the ocean is unquestionably one of the most fascinating and enriching experiences you will ever experience. Get ready to release your turtle into the wild; liberate the rest of the nest and watch as they start their new life in the ocean!

After exploring the Nusa Penida Island , we give the time to our clients who calls: the explorer to release the Baby Turtle to the ocean. There are so many emotional, dramatic and educational thing that they got on that time.

Nusa Penida Fact :

  1. Big Number of Nusa Penida  sea turtles are illegally hunted and killed
  2. The correct term for a baby turtle is "hatchling".
  3. Hatchlings do not have sex chromosomes! Their gender is determined by the temperature within the nest.

Do you ever release sea turtles ?

During the End of July till september 2018 , by joining our trip to Nusa Penida and Mangrove tour you have the opportunity to realease the Baby Turtle to The Ocean.


Where we get the Baby Turtle ?

Incolaborated with “ Yayasan Penyu Lestari “ the local organization for sea turtle conservation in Bali , we bring the baby turtle from bali .


Why do you make the Baby turtle /hatchlings crawl on the beach - why not just release them directly into the water?

We make the hatchlings crawl on the beach for several reasons. Letting them crawl on the beach helps them "wake up" - after all, they are only a few hours old! It also allows us to assess each hatchling to make sure it is completely ready to be released - alert, able to move and crawl, oriented to the water, able to swim, and able to come up to breathe air as it swims away.

Sea turtles lay their nests up on the beach, sometimes all the way up into the dunes. When the nests hatch, the newly hatched turtles crawl on the beach from the nest to the surf. We allow turtles from relocated nests to crawl down the beach as they would in nature. Time spent crawling on the beach is likely an essential part of the imprinting process. Imprinting is a complicated process by which the elements of the beach where sea turtles hatch - sand, water, air, and other factors - are "programmed" into the brains of the baby turtles. Many years later, female sea turtles that may have traveled thousands of miles away return to the beaches where they hatched to lay their eggs and sustain the population. Imprinting allows this to happen.

Can I take pictures or video?

Yes, as long as no flash or light is involved. Lights, including flash photography or video, disorient the hatchlings and can even reduce their chances of survival by causing them to wander and burn off their limited energy reserve. When you arrive at the release site, please make a point to ensure any flash or lights are turned off on all cell phones, cameras, and video equipment.

We teach to appreciate the subtle natural behaviors, beauty and grace of the magnificent sea turtle and to always respect their home.

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Only for The end of july till September 2019

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